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#ProudToBeMe- Chris Price

Having fought battles both in and out of the ring, Mr Gay Wales 2018 Chris Price is championing inclusion  in sports and making the most of his new platform. From Valleys boy to World Champion he’s now ready to inspire others, share his story and give back to the community that has supported him throughout his journey.

I am Christopher Price

I was born in South Wales and brought up in the valleys.

I am a kickboxing instructor and I have won 9 world kickboxing titles.

I have competed all around the world with both the Great Britain squad and the Welsh team through which I have met some amazing people.

Realising that didn’t we have any out, proud and active gay athletes who stand up for the LGBT community in contact sports, I came out in 2012 after winning my 9th world title.

Doing a contact sport and being gay was hard. I had the homophobic abuse, online hate and the pressure of the media reporting me as ‘the gay Kick boxer’. Still I carried on and proved wrong all those people who had doubted or questioned me.

I entered this year’s Mr Gay Wales to have a bigger platform within the LGBT community and help show others that it’s ok to be gay and do sports. I wanted to show that being gay doesn’t take away your ability to compete, to match or outperform your heterosexual competitors or prevent you being taken seriously as a sportsman.

Using my new platform I have launched my campaign One Team One Goal which aims to promote inclusion in sports and foster a welcoming environment for LGBT+ people. Our differences do not matter, what unites us is that we are one team fighting to achieve the same goal, whether that’s in the ring or the wider world. Always remember to love yourself and never let the haters win.

I am proud to be a gay man.

I am proud to be welsh.

I am proud to have a partner I can call my better half.

I am proud to have a very successful career

I am proud to be Mr Gay Wales 2018.

I am proud to be a gay athlete.

I am #ProudToBeMe

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