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LGBT History Month

OUTing The Past

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &  Transgender History Month (UK) Official Event 2018

We’d like to thank the 190+ people who came to the OUTing the Past event in the Senedd on February 10th, and all the amazing speakers and volunteers and Senedd staff who worked on the event. The feedback has been brilliant:heritage Lottery Funded

– 89% of attendees thought it was very good or excellent (and nobody thought it was no good)

– 99% were likely to recommend it to others and 94% were very likely

– 88% thought it was very well organised and 86% the right length (and the others were evenly divided between too long and too short)

The main things people said they liked were the range and diversity of topics, the welcoming atmosphere and the volunteers (but no, one respondent, we’re not giving you the cute volunteer manager’s phone number) and particular speakers. The trans talks were particularly popular on the day and people of all ages attended, many from outside Cardiff.

All the talks were taped and several were filmed, so if you couldn’t get into a particular talk due to overcrowding, or wanted to see two talks that were taking place at the same time, you’ll be able to see and hear them here.

We’d like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund (Cymru) for their support without which the event couldn’t have happened, and Schools Out who organise the National Festival of which Wales was part for the first time.

Check out the programme below!
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