Code of Conduct

Pride Cymru is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and supportive atmosphere for all who attend its events and parade on Pride Day. We are an LGBT+ event open to all who want a day of fun. We include all ages, all sexualities, all genders.

We expect our staff and volunteers, our vendors and entertainers to be professional, courteous and respectful of others. We ask our guests to remember that we are all part of a wider community, all of whom are welcome and all of whom should be able to feel secure and supported at the event. We will not tolerate homophobic, transphobic or any other abusive words or behaviour designed to exclude, denigrate or intimidate.

Violent or threatening behaviour, theft, extreme drunkenness, the selling of drugs and public sexual acts are not welcomed at Pride. Where possible we will ask people in a first instance to moderate their behaviour, but criminal acts or repeated breaches will result in removal from the event.

We ask anyone who feels unsafe or threatened to bring this to the attention of a Pride volunteer or security staff.