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As part of our contribution to LGBT History Month 2017, Pride Cymru is creating an event about LGBT+ people’s love of the Doctor Who universe, “Who’s Queer Now?”. The event and social media discussions will show how LGBT+ people have embraced the fantasy worlds of Doctor Who and made it a space we can be ourselves in.

From now until February 2017, we will discussions here and on social media of people’s memories and personal perspectives on the worlds of Who – viewers, writers, actors, anyone who has ever wished they could travel in the Tardis or be taught in Coal Hill School.

These memories and discussions will help shape an event in February in Cardiff, during LGBT History Month, where invited guests will discuss Who’s Queer Now?


A day of conversations about the worlds of Doctor Who and their impact on LGBT people on Saturday 25th February. Guest panellists include Russell T Davies, Bethany Black and Gareth David Lloyd with more to be announced.

Tickets are £5 – find out more information and get your tickets here: (Plus an exclusive offer from Glee Club Cardiff with ticket purchase.)

Is there a Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane/Big Finish moment that has stayed with you all your life? Was there a character that somehow, implicitly or explicitly, told you it was okay to be you?

Why do you love the Doctor/Captain Jack/Missy?

If you worked on the shows, is there a story from its making that you’d like to tell us?

Have you written LGBT fan fiction about the shows?

Cos-played an LGBT Who character at a convention?

Did it help you come out?

If you’d like to contribute you can tell us your story or just make a comment about what Who/Torchwood/SarahJane/Class means to you and why using the form below. Contributions may be featured on our Facebook and this web page and maybe even on the day itself.

(Please remember that this is an all ages project so, for example, detailed speculation about what you imagine Captain Jack might have done with a willing Cyberman will sadly NOT be useable.)


Please note that all contributions may be edited and featured in whole or part on the web pages and social media for the project. Please let us know what name, if any, you would like to be credited under.

“James Marsters, Torchwood’s Captain John (and Buffy’s Spike), explains why he loved being in Torchwood so much, and why its LGBT themes are important to him. Do you have an LGBT-related memory of Who or Torchwood? Do the gay characters in Class matter to you? Let us know by submitting your memories and moments.

John Barrowman Kiss

Gareth David-Lloyd – Ianto Jones in Torchwood tells us about his memory of the show.

“Doing Torchwood, as the storyline developed I knew Ianto would end up having a proper snog with Captain Jack at some point. When it finally happened John knew I was nervous. I wasn’t nervous so much about kissing a bloke, it was much more about kissing the star of the show. On the first take, he told the director not to cut – he wanted to see how long it would take for me to crumble. So it happened, and he didn’t let go, and the director didn’t yell “cut”… after the longest 30 seconds of my career we both fell about laughing and the ice was broken. Intimate scenes with John (and there were more than a few) were a doddle after that.”


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